Fill out the below form

Fill out the below form

Minimum Guaranteed # of Guest Adults Children. Children under 3 years old – no charge, limited to 5 children, 4 years to 11 years are Half Price, 12 years old and above are Full Price.

The above party is for a total of hours. Additional time is $ per person per hour. Non-refundable Payment on Account to contract $ . CASH / CHECK.

Please call Minar Caterers approximately three (3) weeks prior to your function to make the following appointment: Appt date: (10 Days Prior) to finalize number of guests, menu selections, and floor plan. Make final payment in Teller’s Check, Certified Check, and Cash Only. We do not accept any Credit Cards.

Guests @ = $
Pymt. 1= $
Valet =$
Pymt. 2= $
Stage/Centerpieces =$
Pymt. 3= $
Photo/Video =$
Pymt. 4= $
DJ =$
Pymt. 5= $
LED Lights =$
Limo =$
Total Amount =$
Total Payment $
Balance Due $

Please Note: PINS, TAPE, GLUE, STAPLES, etc, are NOT ALLOWED on the walls, NO CONFETTI IS ALLOWED. The Patron is liable for any damages caused by his / her guests in the affair.

  • Valet parking is available via a third-party service. If no valet service is availed, Antuns by Minar will not be liable for any car towed away.
  • Bar will be closed 30 minutes before the event finishes.
  • 25% deposit is compulsory.
  • Meals for musicians and photographers (or any other vendors), are available at a reduced price, not including the cocktail hour or any alcoholic beverages once minimum guarantee is met.
  • All vendors are required to submit a copy of their Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurances with the date of the function and Antuns by Minar name on it, at least 2 (TWO) weeks prior to the event. No vendor will be allowed in the building without insurance.
  • The patron (Person signing this contract), is also liable for the actions of the vendors hired by the patron, including but not limited to any damages caused by transporting equipment, etc.
  • House rules and regulations Form has to be signed and submitted by the vendors, two weeks prior to the event.
  • Should final number of guests exceed original minimum number guaranteed then the final seating arrangements will be the number of guests that must be paid for. Antuns by Minar to be given the final seating of guests the 10 DAYS prior to the Banquet. The meals will not be served until and unless all payments have been made in FULL in CASH, MONEY ORDER, TELLER’S CHECK OR CERTIFIED CHECK.
  • It is further understood and agreed to between both parties signing this contract that should the function named herein be cancelled for any reason other than the fault of the Caterer the payment will be retained by the Caterer and WILL NOT BE RETURNED, the undersigned patron agrees that in the event of the breach of any of the terms of this contract on his or her part, included but not limited to a cancellation of the above function, the caterer is entitled to receive, collect, and recover a sum equal to 75% of the total cost of the aforesaid function as and for liquidated damages for the undersigned Caterer.
  • The undersigned Caterer shall have no responsibility for failure to supply any service or otherwise comply with is contract when prevented from doing so by strikes, fire, accidents, mechanical failure, or any cause beyond the proprietors reasonable control.
  • Should it become necessary for the Caterer to change the Room named in this contract, (due to an Act of God or for the better operation of the establishment) it is understood that he is privileged to do so.
  • Any independent contractor, i.e. bands, D.J.’s, photographer and / or video photographer or other services contracted by the patron, must abide by all of Antuns by Minar house rules and regulations.
  • New York State Law prohibits the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person under the age of 21. Antuns by Minar strictly enforces the Minimum 21 Year Old Drinking Law and requires two (2) forms of photo identification. The patron agrees to cooperate with Antuns by Minar policy and the enforcement of the New York State Drinking Law.
  • Antuns by Minar will not be liable for any vehicle damage, or for the loss of, or damage to, any of the vehicle’s accessories or contents.
  • This contract is subject to all services, prices and conditions that are contained in this contract form. This contract is not transferable or assignable. PAYMENT OF PARTY BILL MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN IO DAYS PRIOR TO BANQUET NO PERSONAL CHECKS CAN BE ACCEPTED; ONLY CASH, MONEY ORDER, TELLER’S CHECK OR CERTIFIED CHECK IN PAYMENT OF FINAL BILL.